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About me

Doctor of Philosophy in Information Society. Currently work at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV) at Stockholm University as an assistant professor. I am the leader of the research group ICT in Education at the department.

My research belongs to the research field of Technology Enhanced Learning. I am generally interested in pedagogical aspects of ICT use for learning purposes. In this context, pedagogical aspects refer to questions such as: what pedagogical practices emerge when learning technology is used in schools? How is technology transforming pedagogical practices? How should we design for meaningful technology-enhanced learning? How should learning activities supported by technology be orchestrated by teachers? How can we support teachers to develop their knowledge and competencies for using ICT in education?

Current research work have a specific focus on: programming education, computer (ICT) supported collaborative learning, mobile learning (tablet-mediated learning), game-based learning, mixed reality environments for learning, learning analytics, flipped classroom and digital competencies/literacies of higher education students.

Theoretical Interests

Socio-cultural theory, Activity Theory, Social Semiotics.

Education and Work Experience

PhD Information Society

M.Sc. Mathematics

M.Sc. Education

Teacher of Mathematics and Computer Science