NordicEdAI – ett nordiskt tvärvetenskapligt nätverk kring AI inom utbildningen (2024-2026). Funded by VR (Swedish Research Council, co-applicant).

Using AI to support young children’s learning (2021-2025). 
Funded by Marianne and Marcus Wallenbergs foundation. PI: Professor Torkel Klingberg (KI), Co-applicant (me).

Data-driven education through learning analytics and machine learning (2020-2023). Funded by VR (Swedish Research Council, Project leader).

Data-driven school development (2020-2023). R&D project funded by Ifous. Research leader.

Learning analytics in higher education (2018-2019). Funded by Stockholm University.

Programming education in elementary school (2017-2020). Funded by Ifous. Research leader. More info.

Kunnskapstrening IT (2016-2017). Research leader. More info

Assessing collaborative problem solving skills (2015-2016). Funded by SKL.  Link for more information in Swedish .

Flipped classroom in higher education (2015 – 2016) (Project leader, University funding)

Teacher Training in Mobile Learning For Mathematics Education (2014-2015 (Project leader)

PLACES  (2014-2016). Funded by VR.

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